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September 21st, 2023
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Consolidate debt and save?

Leading financial advisors recommend that families have an easily accessible savings account worth approximately six months of their household’s total income. In addition to having six months worth of income reserved for unexpected crisis, advisors urge families to invest at least 10 percent of their annual income into interest yielding accounts, retirement funds and stocks.

Sadly, though, statistics show that the average American family has very little or no savings in reserve and only invest about 1 percent of their income. For some families, their financial situation is even bleaker in that they have no savings whatsoever and have begun to use deficit spending to pay for life’s necessities such as food, medicine and clothing.

The reason? The ever increasing cost of living, stagnant pay scale, and unstable job market have left many families with no money left over to put away after they pay their bills. Add to that the increased cost of health insurance for decreased coverage, rising gas prices, and soaring inflation and many families are pushed to the max financially.

How can these families pull themselves back from the brink and start saving? For many, the answer lies in debt consolidation. By consolidating debts most families find that they can free up a good portion of their income that can then be tucked away to improve the family’s financial standing.

Not only does reducing the amount of money that they owe every month help families save, it also allows families to stop charging life’s necessities on their high-interest credit cards and that gives them even more money.

Think about how much money you spend on credit card interest each month. What could you do with all of that extra money? I’m sure it won’t take long for you to figure it out.

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