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Debt Consolidation -
Your Budget Calculator
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Monthly Paycheck: Pension, Soc. Security:
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Household Expenses

Rent/Mortgage: Groceries:
Taxes, Insurance: Child Care, Education:
Home Maintenance: Healthcare:
Gas, Electric: Alimony, Child Support:
Water, Trash: Life Insurance:
Other House Expense: Other Family Expense:


Credit Expense

Auto Loan: Credit Card Payment 1:
Auto Insurance Credit Card Payment 2:
Gas, Oil Credit Card Payment 3:
Auto Maintenance Student Loan
Other Transportation Other Loan



Telephone: General Savings
Cable: Emergency Savings
Internet: Other Savings
Newspapers, Magazines:



Net Take-Home Pay: Net Other Income
Total Home Expense Total Household Expense
Total Transportation Total Credit Expense:
Total Entertainment Expense Total Savings
Total Net Monthly Income Total Net Monthly Expense
Remaining Funds

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